Wyatt: I know you killed Leah. [..] I won't cover for you, I won't.
Melinda: I didn’t kill her. But it’s nice to know what you think of me. It’s great to know that my own brother thinks I’m a murderer. I’m not. I am ashamed of you, Wyatt. Ashamed.
— Wyatt and Melinda arguing in Check Mate

The sibling relationship between the Whitelighter-Witch Melinda Halliwell, and Whitelighter-Witch Wyatt Halliwell.

Wyatt and Melinda first met when Melinda was born, and from the start, Wyatt was always protective of her. They hunt demons together and know that they always have each other's backs no matter what.

Melinda is Wyatt's little sister, and he is very protective over her. He often doesn't let her go demon hunting with him and Chris, out of fear of her getting hurt. He tends to not care much about her privacy and isn't afraid to be blunt with her.

Wyatt is also one of the main reasons why Melinda was hesitant to reveal her relationship with Marcus, as she knew he wouldn't approve. Currently, Wyatt knows about Marcus but doesn't know he's half demon.

Their relationship has been tested a few times over the course of the series but has proven to be never-ending. Currently, their relationship is strained due to Wyatt believing rumors that Melinda killed Leah Adams, a demonic-witch who ended up being Luesent's informant.

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  • Wyatt is four-years-older then Melinda.
  • They have a very dynamic relationship.
  • They both have saved each other from demons numerous times.
  • Both are Whitelighter-Witches as well as Twice-Blessed Children.
  • Wyatt tries to keep Melinda in line - sometimes justly, but she never really listens to him.
  • Melinda knows about Wyatt's feelings towards Hope.
  • She was hurt when he even thought that she could be capable of killing Leah.
  • She kept her relationship with Marcus a secret so that he wouldn't get upset.

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