Warren Book of Shadows
Artifact Information
Description: A book containing information about the magical world.
Usage: Information
  • Melinda Warren
Alignment: Good

The Warren Book of Shadows, is the magical tome of the Warren Line. From all Book of Shadows around the whole world, this particular tome is the most powerful and coveted. It was created by Melinda Warren before her death in the 17th century, and has been passed down every generation until the Fated Ones.

It is full of information about witchcraft, demons, Warlocks, and many others magical beings as well as potions recipes and spells.

History Edit

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Creation Edit

Melinda Warren created the Book of Shadows before her death in 1692, but her daughter Prudence gave it continuity. Back them, it was a small book, but it grew in size due to every generation adding more information into it. The book possessed not only information about demons and how to vanquish them, but also information they thought it was necessary to write down.

Passing the Book On Edit

Prudence Warren-Wentworth received the book after her mother, Melinda Warren's, tragic death in 1692. Prudence expanded the book greatly and passed it on to her children, who then passed onto their children and so on. In the 1920s, the book belonged to the Baxter cousins.

The book then received new entries by Penny Halliwell, who claimed that she added a good amount of spells and potions to the book. She also stated that sometimes, the book adds to itself. Penny's daughter, Patty Halliwell, was supposed to inherit the book after Penny's death, however, Patty died before she could inherit the book or add much of anything to it. Eventually, Patty's daughters, Prudence, Piper, Phoebe, and later Paige, discovered the book and started adding to it and using it to vanquish evil.

By 2030, the Book is the first place the Fated Ones look at when they get a magical situation on hands. They also write down any information they think important to register.

The Book's place remains in the attic of the Halliwell Manor, but each one of the Fated Ones is allowed to go and read it anytime they want or they need to.

Notable Owners Edit

Stealing Attempts Edit

There have been several attempts to steal the Book of Shadows, whether it be in Charmed or Fated. Listed below are all the attempts.

Year Person Method Success
1999 Group of Shapeshifters Shifting into a mailman and taking the book out of the manor. Failed
1999 Abraxas Taking the Book into the Astral Plane. Succeeded
2000 Cole Turner Shifting into Belthazor and taking the book out of the manor. Failed
2000 Dantalian Turning the Charmed One's evil and taking the book out of the manor. Succeeded
2002 Bacarra Temporarily turning good and taking the book out of the manor. Succeeded
2003 Stillman Sisters Shapeshifting and impersonating the Charmed Ones
Stealing the identities of the Charmed Ones
2004 Zankou Weakening the Charmed Ones by killing innocents they know and tormenting them with undead bodies. Succeeded

Accidental Edit

2000 Paige Matthews Removed the Book from the Manor and took it to work. Unofficial/Succeeded

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Sensing: The ability to sense when evil is trying to touch the book.
  • Force Field: The book emits a shield that guards the book against harm and protects it from being stolen by evil.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The book can protect itself from Evil, and also, doesn't allow Evil to remove it from the house.
  • The book is 337 years old as of 2030.
  • According to Prudence, Phoebe knows the Book better than herself and Piper. Although, it is unknown if Phoebe knows the Book better then Paige.
  • The book is bound to the sisterly relationship between the Charmed Ones.
  • The Warren Book of Shadows has appeared in every episode of Fated so far.

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