Thomas Raven
Thomas Raven
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October 31st, 1988




Married to Billie Jenkins-Raven

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Matthew Settle

Thomas Raven is a fictional character created by Jillian B for Fated. All traits and plots throughout the series belong to her.

Thomas Raven is the husband of Billie Jenkins, and the father of Laurel and Kyle Raven. He is a witch, and will be a recurring character in Fated.

History Edit

Thomas comes from a long line of witches known as the Ravens. He was born from two pure witches. He was born on Halloween.

It became very clear when Thomas was growing up, that he had few, but powerful powers.

Before Fated Edit

Thomas is the husband of Billie Jenkins, and the father of Laurel and Kyle Raven. He is currently a teacher at Magic School, but is also a substitute teacher for Baker High School.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is a tall man, standing at 5"11' and has short, wavy black hair. He also had light brown eyes, and long black eyelashes with a little bit of facial hair. Thomas is referenced to having a cocky yet brooding smile on his face at all times, and is very good looking.

Personality Edit

Thomas is a very honest man. He is not constantly caught up in the drama of being the father of two kids, and he is not the center of many intricate plot twists, but he is without a doubt one of the most purely good witches in San Francisco. Not only is he dedicated to truth and honesty, but he is also fiercely loyal.

No matter how many times his marriage or family is tested, Thomas displays an unwavering sense of devotion to them. He fights for the people he loves no matter what, and he always makes the people in his life feel valuable. The people he is closest to never doubts that he cares for them. He is generous, thoughtful, and creative, with a great sense of humor. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

For a more detailed version of Thomas Raven's powers and abilities, please see his Power Page.

Thomas is a powerful and strong witch, and even though he doesn't have many powers, he is still very strong and advanced in those respective powers.

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