Sierra McDawn is a fictional character created by Jillian B for Fated. All traits and plots throughout the series belong to her.

Sierra McDawn
Biographical Information
Name: Sierra McDawn
Gender: Female
Species: Mortal
Marital: Single
Occupation: Singer
Height: 5'8"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue-green
Status: Alive
  • Mr. and Mrs. McDawn
Magic and Powers
  • Good
Portrayed by: Candice Accola
Seasons: 1
First seen: TBA
Last seen: TBA

Sierra McDawn is a talented mortal singer who will make her first appearance in Season 1 of "Fated".

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Sierra is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, blue-green eyes and medium length blonde hair which she often wears in a variety of different styles.

Personality Edit

Beautiful and chic, she was also very strong, stubborn and determined. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. Despite her best efforts to be calm and nice, she has sudden bouts of anger when people say the wrong thing to her, and times and can come across as bossy, rude, and overachieving.

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Appearances in Fated Edit

Season 1

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Camera Icon-Gallery Sierra McDawn has a photo gallery.