The sibling relationship between the Whitelighter-Witches and fraternal twin sisters, Sabrina and Kathrine Mitchell.

Sabrina and Kathrine are fraternal twin sisters. They are very close, arguably the closest people to each other in the world and would stop at nothing to protect one another.

Early History Edit

Their conception was unexpected, and shocked both parents, as they weren't really trying to have a baby. But, none-the-less, they wanted them from the moment they found out Paige was pregnant. Paige was overjoyed, and would always dream about having a little girl - even when she was younger.

At first, Henry and Paige argued over where the babies would sleep, and they eventually moved out of their apartment to a nice house two streets from the Halliwell Manor. They chose the perfect place for a nursery, and Paige went to town decorating it, and choosing the right colors.

Henry and Paige decided that the didn't want to know the gender of the baby, and were shocked when they were told they were having twins.

Paige went into labor on March 15th, 2006. She and Henry had agreed to have them born at the hospital, and they rushed there. to get The twins weren't born until the next day, (March 16th, 2006), and both parents were shocked to found out they were having girls. They decided not to continue on with the "P" tradition, and thus named them Sabrina Pandora Mitchell and Kathrine Jean Mitchell.

Throughout Fated Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Sabrina and Kathrine are the only known twins in the Halliwell-Warren Line.
  • Sabrina was born a few minutes before Kathrine, and her powers are stronger because of it.
  • Of the nine cousins, they are the fourth and fifth oldest.
  • They are fraternal twins.
  • Sabrina can sense when Kathrine is hurt and vice versa. Although most twins can do this, their ability is amplified due to their magical lineage.

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