The sisterly relationship between Cupid-Witches Prue and Parker Halliwell.

Prue and Parker are very close, and protective of each other. The are constantly challenging each other to be the best that they can be, and would do anything for each other.

While they have their differences, they both agree that their younger sister Paris needs to be protected and shouldn't be out fighting demons on a regular basis.

Early History Edit

Parker's Birth Edit

When Phoebe Halliwell, the girls mother, gave birth to Parker Halliwell, Prue was at the hospital with her aunts and family anxiously awaiting the arrival of her little sister. After Parker was born, Prue held her sister (with the help of her Aunt Piper), and instantly felt very protective of her little sister. From that day on, Prue has looked out for Parker.

Rooms Edit

When Parker was brought home, Prue was moved out of her bedroom and into another one, so that Parker could have the nursery room. This caused tension between Prue and everyone, but in the end Prue was alright with this.

Coming into there Powers Edit

After the two girls both came into there powers, they started to play tricks on not only each other, but there family as well. However, they used said abilities to fight with each other.

Mr. Bear Edit

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Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear was Prue's teddy bear when she was growing up, but she "disowned" the bear and found it to be "childish toy". So, Phoebe and Coop gave the bear to Parker after her birth. This caused turmoil and Prue to be jealous, and want her bear back. However, Parker got attached to the bear, and they started to fight about the bear and they would frequently fight over who's bear it was, and who really owned him. In the present day, Prue has the bear in her bedroom in her closet. Pilot: Witches Way/Deleted Scenes.

Before Fated Edit

Throughout Fated Edit

In Pilot, Parker is devastated by her sisters death. So much so, that she goes back in time to fix it. When she is finally reunited with her sister, she gives her a big hug and they have a sisterly remote. (deleted scene)

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Prue is two years older then Parker.
  • Parker used to shadow Prue, and wanted to be just like her.
  • When Parker was born, she took Prue's baby room and Prue moved out to a new room upstairs.
  • They fought over a stuffed teddy bear name Mr. Bear.
  • Parker frequently sides with Prue over there little sister Paris.

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