The sisterly relationship between the three cupid-witches, Prue, Parker, and Paris Halliwell.

Prue, Parker, and Paris are sisters and the daughters of the Cupid Coop, and Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell. There relationship is distant, due the fact that there is such a big age difference between them. They tend to bicker, argue, and not know how to communicate with each other.

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In Pilot, Paris and Parker console each other after Prue's tragic death. They then reset the past so that there sister can be alive.

In Dancing The Devil's Jig, a demon attacks the Halliwell-Coop Manor, and the three sisters fight him off and eventually vanquish him. However, Paris is harmed in the process, which leads to Prue deciding that Paris shouldn't fight demons with her two older sisters. Paris is infuriated with this and argues with Prue, but Prue tells her that she has made up her mind. Paris turns to Parker, but Parker sides with Prue and apologizes to Paris, telling her that they just don't want her to be hurt. In a desperate plan to prove herself, Paris picks a fight with the Durak and is almost killed in the process, but Wyatt and Chris show up and help her. In the end, Phoebe and Coop are seen talking to the three sister and telling them that Paris can fight, and that they have to try and include her. Elated, Paris hugs her mother while Prue is not happy about it.

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  • They are the first born - and only Cupid-Witches known of.
  • They are the only three sisters in the Charmed Ones children.
  • There is an age gap between them.
    • Prue is 23, Parker is 21, and Paris is 18. There is a five year age difference from Prue to Paris, two from Prue to Parker, and three years from Parker to Paris.
    • It is because of this age gap of five years, that Paris is distant from her sisters and vise versa. Prue and Parker are close though.
  • Prue, Parker, and Paris are on the Season One DVD Cover.

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