Prue's Apartment is an apartment owned by Prue Halliwell that is located in downtown San Francisco. She bought the apartment when she was nineteen.

History Edit

When Prue was nineteen and a Freshman in college, she decided to move out of her parent's house and into an apartment in downtown San Francisco.

Rooms Edit

Living Room Edit

Kitchen Edit


Prue wanted a small kitchen because she claims that she's not a very good cook. That is why she didn't need something big. She chose a modern kitchen and very well designed one. The colors are grey, black and white. She has a grey metal fridge and to the right of it, there is a white cabinet, where she keeps all the herbs for her potions. Above the sink, there is a big window, which illuminates the room. The tile in the kitchen is grey smoke. Prue decided to add some color with red utensils and many plants for an earthly feel.

Bathroom Edit

Prue's Bedroom Edit

Spare/Guest Bedroom Edit


Prue chose her guest bedroom with the help of Parker and Kathrine because Prue didn't have any idea of how to decorate this room. The walls are painted grey silver, a cool toned neutral color. The flooring is brown and polished, which is carpeted with a tribal carpet in a hot color. The bed is in brass, with a white blanket and with many pink, blue and white pillows on it which make the room pop. At both sides of the bed, there are two identical navy blue nightstands. There are two frames on each nightstand, and on the left nightstand, there is a lamp on it.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • She moved into this apartment at the age of nineteen.
  • The apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Prue wanted the spare bedroom in case any of her sisters or cousins need a place to stay.
  • She has lived in the apartment for almost five years.
  • Prue has a no orbing/beaming policy unless it is an emergency.
    • She has this policy for both privacy and because she frequently has mortal friends over that don't know about magic.
  • Parker and Kathrine helped her decorate both the guest bedroom and Living Room.