Molecular Immobilization
Power Information
Effects: Slowing down molecules to the point where things and people "freeze"
Trigger: Fear, Panic, Frustration
Alignment: Good
Category: Defensive Power

Molecular Immobilization, more commonly referred to as freezing, is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where they move so slowly that objects and people appear completely motionless, simulating the stoppage of time in a localized range.

Piper Halliwell developed this power after she was born. It had been bound during her childhood and adolescent years by Grams but was activated again in 1998. She originally triggered the power by panicking or being scared, flicking her hands into the air as she "freezes" her target.

History Edit

For a full history of this power in Charmed, please go here

Throughout Fated Edit

When Parker was four she came into this power, and started by freezing her family members so that she could get into things she shouldn't be getting into.

Known List of Users Edit

Original Power

Through Spell, Potion, Power Stealing, etc.

  • The Source of All Evil