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Melinda Prudence Halliwell
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March 10th, 2007 (23 years old)


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Melinda Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. All character traits and plot lines throughout Fated belong to Jillian B.

Melinda Prudence Halliwell is a major character throughout Fated. She is the daughter of charmed one Piper Halliwell and fallen whitelighter/elder, Leo Wyatt. She is the younger sister of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell.

Melinda is a member of the Halliwell and Warren family.

Early History

In 1999, when Piper and her sisters visited the year 2009, she met her and Leo's daughter named Melinda. In 2002, when Piper became pregnant, the family assumed that the child would be a girl as did the rest of the Halliwell clan. Piper prepared to name her Prudence Melinda, in honor of her late older sister, Prue, and her ancestor, Melinda Warren. However, the child turned out to be a boy, Wyatt.

Piper found out that she was pregnant once again with her and Leo's child in early 2007 following the Ultimate Battle.


Melinda is the definition of a “fierce woman". She is intelligent and responds quickly to situations, something that is both a blessing and a curse. Sarcastic, witty, and strong-willed, Melinda is unlike most Halliwell's, due to her desire to embrace the magical world.

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For a more detailed version of Melinda Halliwell's powers and abilities, please see her Power Page.

Melinda is a whitelighter-witch, meaning that she possesses the abilities of both a whitelighter and a witch. She is a strong witch, having come into her powers a year or two after her birth.


  • Paris Halliwell - Paris is Melinda's maternal cousin via her Aunt Phoebe.


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