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Kyle Raven
Biographical Information
  • May 15th, 2007
  • Good
Physical Information
  • Male
Hair Color
  • Blonde
Familial Information
Magical Information
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First Seen
Portrayed By
  • Drew Van Acker
Kyle Raven is a fictional character created by Jillian B for Fated. All traits and plots throughout the series belong to her.

Kyle Raven is the first-born and only son of Billie Jenkins-Raven and Thomas Raven, and the older brother of Laurel Raven. He is also a witch, and a good friend of the Halliwell's.

Kyle dated the now Charmed One/Fated One Prue Halliwell in High School. However, the two ended their relationship on somewhat-bad terms, and are only now starting to repair their fractured relationship.

Kyle is a member of the Raven and Jenkins Family Line. He is also a close friend to the Halliwell Family Line.

Early History Edit

Pre-Birth Edit

Kyle was born to Billie Jenkins and Thomas Raven on May 15th, 2009. He is a pure blooded witch, drawing magic from both sides of his family.

Early Life Edit

He grew up around Magic, and has always been told to never be afraid of who he is, and what he can do.

Growing Up Edit

Growing up, Kyle attended Baker High School where he dated Prue Halliwell for a few years. The two broke up for unknown reasons, and didn't talk for a long time. While Kyle attended Baker High, he also was enrolled in Magic School, to help him hone his magical abilites.

Before Fated Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Kyle has shaggy, ash-blonde hair, green eyes, and a ruggish smile. He is rather tall standing at 6'2", and has a muscular and athletic physique. He also has a relaxed sense of style.

Personality Edit

Kyle is a very nice person with a good heart and strong mind. He is smart and a fast-thinker, almost always relying on his instincts to tell him what to do. He is also very loyal, as he remains a friend and ally to the Halliwell family even after his breakup and falling out with Prue Halliwell in High School.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has the exact opposite of the powers that Laurel has; he has the power of Cyrokinesis while Laurel has Pyrokinesis. He has shown great control over his powers, which is shown when he was able to freeze just Killian's arm, which was holding a knife to Prue's neck at the time.

Relationships Edit

Prue HalliwellEdit

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Kyle and his sister are the only full blooded witch in the second generation in Fated, as everyone else is a hybrid.
  • He attended Baker High School with Prue Halliwell, and graduated in the same year with her.
  • He dated Prue Halliwell in High School, however, the two broke up and became distant afterwards.
  • He gets along very well with Sabrina Mitchell and Parker Halliwell.

Appearances in Fated Edit