Jenkins Book of Shadows
Jenkins book of shadows
Artifact Information
Description: A magical book that that holds information about the Magic dimension.
Usage: To help guide the Raven line of Witches
Alignment: Good

The Jenkins Book of Shadows is a Book of Shadows passed down through the Jenkins line of witches. It possess magical information (spells, potions, magical beings, etc.,) and helps guide the Jenkins line. 

History Edit

Creation and the Ultimate Battle Edit

During Billie Jenkins' training with the Charmed Ones, Leo Wyatt suggested that she start writing magical notes down for herself the future generations. Billie copied some useful information from the Halliwell Book of Shadows, such as spells, potions, information on the demons they fought, and extensive history of both the Jenkins and Halliwell line.

During the Ultimate Battle, the demon Dumain stole the Book and used it against the Halliwells, trying to outsmart him. He used the information to distract the Halliwells and keep them from saving innocents. After the Ultimate Battle, the book was returned to Billie, and she continued to record information and history in it.

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