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Henry Scott Mitchell Junior
Biographical information
  • November 16th, 2013 (17 years old)
  • Junior, J (Nickname)
  • Single
Physical description
  • Mortal
  • Male
  • 6'0"
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
Skin color
  • Olive
Family information
Family members
Character information
First appearance
Portrayed By
  • Jake T. Austin
Henry Mitchell Junior was created by Brad Kern for the tv-series, Charmed. All character traits and plot lines throughout Fated belong to Jillian B.

Henry Mitchell Junior is the adopted son, and youngest child of, Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell, as well as the adopted brother of Sabrina and Kathrine Mitchell. He is also the biological son of a mortal woman and mortal man.

Early History

Pre-Birth and Birth

Junior was born to a mortal man, and a mortal woman. His father was the son of a powerful criminal lord, and was living in San Francisco when he met Henry's mother. They were in a serious relationship, but one day Henry's mother ran out on his father when she learned of who his family really was.

His mother learned she was pregnant, and neglected to tell his father, because she didn't want her baby to be brought up in darkness and a crime related family. She carried him full term, and was due to give birth in a few weeks, when she was shot by a straw arrow that a Darklighter shot.

Paige Matthews was there to protect one of her charges, and once the darklighter was gone she went to the pregnant woman. She discovered the woman was, but her baby was not. Paige was able to save the baby by orbing him out of his mothers womb, and ultimately took the boy home with her.

Becoming a Mitchell

Paige took the baby home, and cared for him like he was her own child, and instantly fell in love with the baby boy. As she discussed the situation with Henry, she jokingly called the baby "Henry Jr".

An upset Henry then expressed his concerns about bringing a mortal child into the family, as he feared the baby would be in danger due to the demons and such, as well as the financial consequences.

However, Paige revealed her reasons for wanting to help the baby, were because of her and Henry's own childhood: she didn't want the baby to grow up in Foster Homes and unloved.

After discussing it thoroughly, Paige managed to convince him that they could look after the baby until they found him another home. Henry was still unsure, but he reluctantly agreed stating that it would be hard to find him a home.

Henry then revealed that he was nervous about bring a Mortal into a magical family, and that he was also nervous about raising magical children, and the safety of his family members -- and the baby. After a talk with Victor Bennett, he embraced his magical family completely, and even started calling the boy, "Henry Jr."


Paige henry

Paige and baby Henry

When meeting with an agent at South Bay Social Services, Paige and Henry discovered that Henry Jr.'s biological father is the son of a major San Francisco crime lord. To find out more about them, Paige conjured a detective to work with him to expose their crimes ,and gain legal custody of her child. Junior's birth father was unaware of his son's existence until he was informed after his arrest. He showed no interest in ever suing for custody, although he might never even get the chance to as it was expected he'd go to prison for the rest of his life.

With Henry Jr. officially their son, Paige was happy that he would have a good mortal role model for a father. 

Growing Up

Growing up Henry was the only mortal, and often the subject of his magical sister's pranks.

Before Season One

Henry Junior is a Junior at Baker High School and is studying to become an artist and possible accountant.

Physical Appearance

Henry is tall standing at 6'0", and has dark brown hair that is always brushed and styled a certain way every day. He has light brown eyes to match and has a slight build and muscles. He always dresses in a relaxed way and has a calm, caring, and welcoming look on his face at all times. However, at times his expression can change to cocky and arrogant. 


He is very protective of his family, and cares about them deeply and will not hesitate to harm anyone - magical or non-magical, if they mess with his sisters, mother, or cousins - especially the females of the family. He often tends to act on impulse rather than thinking a situation through, but despite this Henry can also be the peace-maker and referee between his sister. He is incredibly athletic, and cares for his family deeply. Junior is a very warm and trusting person.

He is kind and caring, especially to his closest friends. He is also very honest as well. He is charming, laid-back, funny - at times, and friendly, and it has always been in his nature to look out for people. He is also known for having a moral compass, and a clear sense of right and wrong and when to go to his parents for help or work it out on his own. Henry has been known to follow the rules to a tea and doesn't like breaking them unless he absolutely has to.

His negative trait is his inability to accept the fact that he can't help with demon hunting, his lack of magical components, and taking no for an answer. He is very impatient and doesn't like waiting around and not being able to help or do anything when his family is in danger.


Paige Matthews

Paige and Junior are very close, and neither of them cares that Junior is adopted. He loves her like a mom and she loves him like her own child.

Henry Mitchell

Henry and Junior are extremely close. Junior is Henry's only son, and he loves him like his own child. Henry will often take Junior out to do things just the two of them, and Junior looks up to his father as his role model. They also can relate to each other, as neither of them have any magical attributes.

Paris Halliwell

Main article: Paris and Junior

Junior and Paris were close, and they eventually felt attracted to each other. However, Paris hid her feelings, while Junior, even if he was attracted by Pear, dated other girls. They care about each other deeply. For example, Junior was worried for Paris in Don't Mess With Magic, because she's didn't feel very well. In A House of Death, after she almost dies, Paris admits her feelings. However, even if he agrees, Junior states that it wasn't a good idea since they are cousins, leaving Paris heart-broken.

Other Relationships

Notes and Trivia

  • He is the only adopted child of a Charmed One and the only known child to have been adopted into the Warren family.
  • He is the only mortal in the Next Generation, and the only mortal in the Fated Ones.
  • He was originally listed as a series regular throughout Season One, but was bumped down to a recurring character instead. He is, however, listed as a major recurring character in the second half of Season One.

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