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Halloween of Horror
Season One, Episode 11
Mid-Season FinaleS1 Promo1
Air date TBA
Written by TotallyWitchy
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Knowing the Unknown

Halloween of Horror is the eleventh episode of the first season of Fated. It serves as the mid-season finale.

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN -- Melinda's favorite holiday rolls around, and as she drowns herself in preparations in an attempt to distract herself from her crumbling mortal life. However, others are more reluctant to accept the otherwise grim holiday. Wyatt, Kathrine, and Paris drift from the family as each deal with personal issues, Sabrina reminisces about an old friend just as someone enters her life that could change her world, and Chris meets a woman who could change his. Elsewhere, an old and dangerous demon rises from the ashes, a new war starts to brew, and the magic of Halloween threatens to take hold of everyone.

And in the two-hour mid-season finale of Fated, fear threatens to destroy the Halliwell family from the inside out. Can everyone make it through Halloween? Or will the magic of Halloween take everyone as a victim?

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  • This is the first two-hour episode since the pilot.
  • This is the mid-season finale, and there will be a three-week hiatus from this episode to the next.
  • The first Halloween/Holiday episode of the season/series.
  • Someone will die - possibly more than one person.
  • This is the first appearance of many characters, including one or more potential love interests.
    • The love interest(s) is labeled as a major recurring character for the rest of Season One. 
  • There will be flashbacks. 
  • This episode will be the start of new relationships with both Chris and Sabrina.

Quotes Edit

  • Sabrina to Kathrine: "It's Halloween, not Christmas. We need skulls and witches on broomsticks."
    • Kathrine to Sabrina: "Okay, so do you want me to grab a broomstick and run around the house on it?"
  • Barbas to Unknown: "Just like I told your mother... Fear always comes back." 

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  • 'Closer' by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey