Below is information on Chat Moderators aka CM's and who they are. Being a Chat Moderator makes "CHAT MODERATOR" appear next to a user's name on their profile.

Chat Moderators on Fated Edit

What Are Chat Moderators? Edit

Chat Moderators are people who volunteer there time to help with the Wikia, and are in charge of the Chat feature in Fated. They are also here to help and guide you. If you are having an issue in Chat, question about Chat, or anything related to Chat then please contact them immediately. Like other Staff/Members of the community, they also help around the Wikia wherever they can.

They are still entitled to follow the Rules/Policies. Please remember that they are still humans and will make mistakes. If you feel a CM is being rude, mean, is breaking a rule that they should follow, or has given you an unfair punishment, please message TotallyWitchy immediately.

What can Chat Moderators do that I can't? Edit

Chat moderators are users who have chat moderator status in chat in order to moderate a wikia's chat room.

  • Have the Chat Moderator status in Chat
  • Block users from Chat
  • Remove a user from Chat

Ban a user from Chat

  • They will remain banned from Chat until a CM or Admin unbans them or the ban expires

How to become a Chat Moderator Edit

  • Have 5 - 10 edits on the Wikia already
  • Have watched and have knowledge of Charmed
  • Have never been banned from Chat before on this Wikia or any Wikia
  • Must have extensive knowledge and know how Chat works
  • Must know the Rules of Chat and when and when not to remove/ban/block users from Chat
  • Must be willing to help around the Wikia
  • Contact the Owner and be elected by other Staff/Members of the community

Who are they? Edit

The follow people are Chat Moderators of Fated, there jobs are listed as well.