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Charmed followed the lives of three sisters who discovered they were witches and struggled to accept their new identity and magical powers. After winning the Ultimate Battle, the Halliwell family was able to safely retire with their husbands and children... Until now. When demons suddenly return and magical beings begin appearing once again, the new generation of Halliwell witches is forced to step out of the shadows and take over the magical fight. Fated follows the eight heirs of the Halliwell line as they struggle to balance their professional, personal, and magical lives, and come together not just as powerful beings, but as a family.

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Melinda Halliwell is the main female Protagonist of Fated. She is the third and last born child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and younger sister to both Wyatt and Chris Halliwell. Melinda is the third and final Twice-Blessed Child, as well as a surprisingly powerful witch who believes in love, justice, and happiness. (more...)


Fated Opening Song

Sons of Midnight-The Fire (Lyrics ♥)

Sons of Midnight-The Fire (Lyrics ♥)