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Dancing The Devil's Jig
Season One, Episode 02
Air date 5/14/2016
Written by TotallyWitchy
Directed by TotallyWitchy
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Dancing The Devil's Jig, is the second episode of the first season of Fated. It is written by TotallyWitchy.


DON'T PICK A FIGHT YOU CAN'T FINISH -- After a fight with her sisters, Paris is more determined than ever to prove to them she can handle demon hunting on her own; but she soon finds that it might not be as easy as she thought. Elsewhere, Melinda and Sabrina try to help a young girl that isn't like other innocents: she's dead. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Chris go undercover in the underworld to gain information on a demon, but end up getting involved in a deadly battle of life and death.


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Promotional Pictures

  • Melinda Halliwell
  • Prue Halliwell
  • Chris Halliwell
  • Parker Halliwell
  • Laurel RavenGo to Laurel Raven


Main Cast

Wyatt small
Chris small
Prue small
Parker small
Paris small
Junior small

Supportive Cast

Piper small
Phoebe small
Paige small
Leo small
Coop small
Henry small

Recurring Cast

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Sierra small
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Special Guest Stars 

Notes and Trivia

  • Paris will try to prove herself to her sisters and family by fighting a High-Level Demon.
    • However, she won't fight him alone and will receive the help of her eldest cousins, Wyatt and Chris
  • Melinda will still be reeling from a revelation.
  • Wyatt and Chris will go undercover in the underworld, but will discover something very dangerous.
    • Later, they will learn by Durak the identity of their enemy, and her name, Luesent.
  • Junior and Kathrine will not appear for unknown reasons.
  • First appearance of the Jenkins-Raven Family.
  • This is the first episode to feature a Ghost.
  • In the Dancing with the Devil's Jig/Deleted Scenes, it's implied that something happened with Billie's eldest son, Kyle and Prue Halliwell

Magical Notes


  • Ghosts: Deceased beings that are still here (first appearance)
  • Durak: A powerful upper-level demon who can strip people of there powers.

Powers and Abilities

In order of appearance

Spells and Rituals


  • Paris' Healing Potion: A potion used to heal Paris' wound.
  • Vanquishing Potions: Potions used to vanquish demons.


  • The Book of Shadows: A magical book that holds information about magical beings etc is seen/used throughout the episode.



  • Paris to a Demon: "Your kind has been killing witches for centuries. But not anymore. I want Durak dead. And I need your help to do it. (smirks) And all you have to do, is die."
  • Melinda to Sabrina: "We don’t need their help, S. We can handle this on our own."