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    Some people have been asking me about Melinda's genetics and how it is possible that she is a Whitelighter-Witch. There has also been some confusion surrounding this, so I wanted to go ahead and create this blog post to clear up the confusion.

    Melinda was born a witch with inactive whitelighter genes, due to her father having whitelighter genetics engraved in his DNA and her mother being a witch. The Elders and many other magical beings tapped into her genetics to turn those inactive genes active. This made her a Whitelighter-Witch hybrid and, consequently, a Twice-Blessed Child.

    Had the Elders not tapped into her genes, she would be a Witch with inactive Whitelighter genes. She never would have been able to Orb, and, would not be a Twice-Blesse…

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    Welcome to Fated Charmed The Next Generation Wikia! If your here that means you love Charmed and can't wait to read the about the Next Generation of Charmed. This page is a page to help you get started on the Wikia, and is made to guide you to some very important pages here on the Fated Wikia.

    1. Be sure to read the Code of Conduct, it explains the rules and what to do and not do here. 
    2. Another good place to go is the About Fated page, to read what the show is all about!
    3. Also be sure to look at the Staff Pages, in case you have a question, concern, etc.
    4. Take a look at the Episodes of Fated, and get caught up on all the episodes!
    5. Meet all the Characters from the show.
    6. Edit or add a page!

    Those are just a few of the places to start at, but there are …

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