Fated picks up where Charmed, the CW show, left off. The year is 2030, and Paige, Piper, and Phoebe all have kids. Darkness is Rising, and it's ready to explode from years of being dormant. The Charmed Ones Children are more then ready to accept the responsibilities of what being a Halliwell is all about - demon fighting and all. Fated follows the Next Generation of Halliwells through there many battles and hardships, as they fight new and old Demons, and learn what there truly Fated to do. As they each battle with personal battles, of trying to lead a normal life while still being witches.

Every species from every inch of Charmed is crawling in Fated, and the Fated Ones are ready to take them head on. Fated's unique and complex characters - new and old - are ready to keep the magic of Charmed alive!

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