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A Visit To Another Time
Season One, Episode 8
1x08 Episode Picture
Air date 8/21/2016
Written by TotallyWitchy
Directed by TotallyWitchy
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A Visit To Another Time is the eighth episode of the first season of Fated and is written by TotallyWitchy.

Summary Edit

A TRIP THEY WON'T FORGET -- When a witch appears from Salem begging for help, the Power of Three must go back in time to protect history. But mayhem ensues when they find themselves hiding from Witch Hunters and a very dangerous demon. The Charmed Ones must return to their own time before they are trapped in the 12th Century for all time. Meanwhile, Wyatt unearths the truth about Hope, and Melinda discovers who the traitor is and takes justice into her own hands.


A Visit To Another Time/Transcript

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Main Cast Edit

Wyatt small
Chris small
Prue small
Parker small
Paris small
Junior small

Supportive Cast Edit

Piper small
Phoebe small
Paige small
Leo small
Coop small
Henry small

Recurring Cast Edit

Marcus small
Sierra small
Billie small
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Special Guest Cast Edit

Uncredited Edit

  • Unknown Actor as Demon #1
  • Unknown Actor as Demon #2
  • Unknown Actor as Man #1
  • Unknown Actors as Witch Hunters

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time travel episode of Fated.
  • Coop and Junior are not appearing.
  • Sierra, Kyle, and Laurel will return.
  • Melinda will get a new power.
  • The New Power of Three will be officially stated and constituted.

Magical NotesEdit

Beings Edit

  • Witches; Beings who practice magic
  • Witch Hunters; People (normally men) who hunt and kill witches - first appearance of

Powers and Abilities Edit

Potions Edit

  • Vanquishing Potion: Unused, Broken
  • Debinding Potion:

Spells and Rituals Edit

  • To Go Back in Time:
  • Returning Bound Powers Spell: Cast by Luesent on Kathrine to unbind her powers and return them to her.

Artifacts Edit

  • Magical Creatures Encyclopedia: A book written by Gideon about Magical Community and the species.
  • Mrs. Kermen's Journal: The Kermen Journal is a journal that was owned by Annabella Kermen, Hope's biological mother. Annabella wrote things down her life as they happened, however, the journal ended abruptly after she gave up her daughter. The journal has passed through a lot of hands but is currently owned by Hope Kermen.

Locations Edit

  • Salem: The Power of Three travel back in time to Salem.




  • Various Instrumental Music
  • 'Just Like Fire' by Pink

Other Edit

On The New Power of Three:

  • "The new Power of Three was reconstituted in this episode, and with it, I feel like a lot of questions were answered surrounding them. Where/who is the Power of Three? When will we see them? Al those and more were answered. As far as looking to the future, this Power of Three is a bit different than the Original Power of Three because of there Cupid side. As for what that means going forward, well, you'll just have to wait and see!"

What's Next For Luesent:

  • "Luesent is my favorite villian of this season because she is so much fun to write. You never know what she's going to do next. Glamouring herelf and tricking the Charmed Ones into coming with her to Salem is just barely scraping the surface of what she is capable of doing. There is a method to her madness and her cruelty, that I think people are really going to be surprised by. We'll find out what that is soon, and everything should start falling into place for fans when it comes to her and her plan this episode."