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A House of Death
Season One, Episode 07
1x07 Episode Picture
Air date 8/14/2016
Written by TotallyWitchy
Directed by TotallyWitchy
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A House of Death is the seventh episode of the first season of Fated and is written by TotallyWitchy.


WHEN THE DEAD PLAY -- Parker learns that her apartment is haunted by an infuriated ghost, and in an effort to fix things, accidentally binds the ghost to her and must turn to her sisters for help. Meanwhile, Sabrina continues to deal with legal trouble regarding Carrie's death, and Chris' recent obsession becomes worrisome, forcing Wyatt and Melinda to step in.


A House of Death/Transcript


Main Cast

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Chris small
Prue small
Parker small
Paris small
Junior small

Supportive Cast

Piper small
Phoebe small
Paige small
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Coop small
Henry small

Recurring Cast

Marcus small
Sierra small
Billie small
Thomas small
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Carrie small
Nicole small
Hope small

Special Guest Stars

Magical Notes

Powers and Abilities 


Spells and Rituasl


  • Luesent's Athame; A powerful dagger that strips powers and then later passes them onto someone if the user wishes it.


Notes and Trivia

  • Second appearance of Ghosts.
  • Kathrine will be stood up in this episode.
  • Hope will appear briefly and share a scene with the Twice-Blessed Children.
  • Chris' obsession over Luesent will reach its full peak during this episode, which will cause a lot of worry between Wyatt and Melinda.
  • There will be a Melinda and Junior scene.
  • This will be the second appearance of, Dahlia Simmons.
  • Kathrine is dating a young man who is very rich, that she met at the hospital.
  • Paris admits her feelings to Junior after she almost dies.
    • He admits that he wants to be with her, but explains that it wouldn't right if they started dating and rejects the idea.
  • This is the first episode to feature an evil ghost.
    • His name was Shane Newman, and he was shot in Parker's Apartment while cops tried to arrest him for a murder he committed.
  • Marcus is introduced to the Mitchell and the Halliwell for the first time.
    • However, Junior was the only one to already know of the existence of Marcus, his species, and his lino to Melinda. He doesn't say anything to her for unknown reasons.
  • It's unknown if Parker will stay in this apartment or if she will move out.