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• 10/30/2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello All!

With Halloween right around the corner (or already here depending on your time zone) I thought it would be fun to celebrate! Post your favorite Halloween-themed things - from movies to quotes to old stories and even your past and current costumes! Anything Halloween related is welcome here!

Have a spooky night!

- TotallyWitchy

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• 10/31/2016

My favorite Halloween themed things:

Movie: Halloweentown (all), Addams Family, Halloween 6

Current Costume: Wicked Witch of the West - my dog is my flying monkey

Past Year Costume: Banshee

I love Halloween - it is one of my favorite holiday's, and I can't wait to celebrate tonight!

- Witchy

• 11/1/2016

My favorite Halliwell themed things are

Movie: Anything and everything by Wes Craven, the Halloween seiries (excluding 3, bc I'm still confused by it), and T-Witches.

Current Costume: Nothing this year.

Last Year Costume: Nothing last year either. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was years ago, and I went dressed as the Grim Reaper.

Halloween used to be a holiday that I loved and enjoyed, but as I got older, I stopped getting in to it and began to watch movies by myself instead. I still love the candy part of Halloween though!

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