The Departure Auditions!

Hello, all! How many of you remember The Omniscience Auditions? Because the next auditions I have made are for its sequel series, The Departure! Like its preceding series, it is science-fiction, and is a Human .4 fanfiction! ;)

Basic Plot: Without giving much away, this series is set in 2116. The main characters have found a crack in their reality, and accidentally find themselves switching in between an alternate planet holding the next generation of humans, and a world that asks the same question over and over again: "What If?"


  • Trevor Tiorano, the first main protagonist.
  • Ethan Macknamara, the second main protagonist.
  • Lilly Dartington, the deuteragonist.
  • Thalia Kim, the tritagonist.
  • Shay Laning, a 1.2 who lives on the alternate planet.
  • Alexander Dooley, a subhuman from The Omniscience.

Sounds interesting? Then go send in an audition!